0247860110 (Penrith, Australia)

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Got you paid $2769. 99 against a Sony Smart TV at Amazon an d number to ring…

You paid Amt. $1969. 00 against Lenovo Intel core i9 Touch Laptop on 2021/05/22. AMAZON#15531507R Call us on (+61)2 4786 0110 for query, Thank You
They think they can fool us. PEH.

Amazon Refund Scam for $2700 Sony TV

Spam text claiming you made an expensive purchase and telling you to call a fraud number. Do not call back!

I got a message that they told me I buy something expensive from Amazon, which I don’t buy Apple product other than direct shops from Apple. Definitely Fraud

Scam text saying to call this number about a Sony TV purchase

Received text implying a 55″ TV had been ordered for $2700 and to call back the number to confirm. Didn’t call back

Scam Amazon order for MacBook Pro.

Changes often but current an Amazon refund scam. Claims you have been charged for an unauthorised purchase of goods on Amazon to try and gain access to your personal details or computer.

Given as a contact number in an obvious scam text message.

+61247860110, 0061247860110, 0247860110, +61 2 4786 0110, (02) 4786 0110, tel:+61-2-4786-0110


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