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Betrugsanruf. Wollen unbedingt dass man Ja antwortet. Vllt um ein XXXXX zu fälschen. Auf keinen Fall Ja sagen. Auch nicht beim anfang. Klang wie eine frau mit schlechtem Deutsch und sagte was von online trading

Got a call from this number – Calling back is not possible at any time. Probably a scammer!

Anruf von dieser Nummer mit der Information dass sie von der Finanzbehörde anrufe. Hört sich nach Betrug an. Es ginge um Online Trading, Online Shopping. Ich hätte eine Nachforschung beantragt. Die Dame sprach schlechtes Deutsch mit stark asiatischem Akzent. Ich denke dass es auf Telemarketing hinaus gelaufen wäre, hätte ich das Gespräch weiter geführt.

Got a call from this number – Calling back is not possible at any time. Probably a scammer!


Few seconds of silence then I hung up

Get a call from this number. They verify by the call if you use Amazon and then get from different numbers SMS with false messages about packages which should be returned and request to click an Internet link…..

Very rude lady. Did not want to be discouraged. Upon request to delete my number from the directory: “Ich rufe sie so oft an wie ich will”

Calling and insulting. Do not answer

Not sure if a scam, but was more to do with investing in Bitcoin and Amazon. Mentions their website called Web Secure. Was a bit random so hung up.

Hung up after few seconds of silence
Dopo pochi secondi di silenzio hanno riattaccato

Told me the are online trading Crypto. I told them that I trade since 10years markets professionally she offers me a job if I open a account with them! SCAM do Not OPEN ACCOUNT WITH THEM!!!

Told me they got my number from. “Different Banner ads”….. I told them I wanted to know the exact place because I need to contact the company as I didn’t give consent for my data to be used in such a manner…. Used GDPR to tie her in knots. Was a lot of fun, And killed ten minutes in a waiting area….

Answered to silence so hung up rapidly. Definitely not trustworthy number.

Told me they got my info from clicking a banner online – wouldn’t even tell me the name of the company – told me they’d have to put me through to a consultant because they’re not allowed to tell me the name of the company… Said I wasn’t interested and they started asking why I’m not interested. So suss. So dodgey. Not safe.

Wanted to talk to me about crypo.
Didn’t want to awnser how they got my number or my first name.

Just left a voice mail saying ”hello”

Number from germany, Scam call dont answer/ block number





Scam caller



Scam watch out

Someone from Germany.


+4915215352712, 004915215352712, 015215352712, +49 1521 5352712, 01521 5352712, tel:+49-1521-5352712


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