NADAL COULDN’T RESTRAINT, HE WAS LITERALLY EATING WITH HIS EYES THAT BALL COLLECTOR. Here is what beauty looks like, the beauty that Nadal couldn’t take his eyes off (6 pics+VIDEO)

It was not easy for Nadal at all …

Tennis fans remember well the famous scene from 2014 from the Rio Open tournament in Brazil when the best Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal could not take his eyes off the beautiful ball collector Fernanda Maia Carelli.

This beautiful girl immediately received the title of “the most beautiful ball collector in the history of tennis”, and fans of white sports were disappointed that they do not have the opportunity to watch her more often on the tennis courts.

However, they never forgot her. Curious fans wondered where this beauty disappeared and what she is doing today, so after revealing her identity, they peeked at her profile on Instagram.

Today, the attractive Brazilian is a sports journalist. She works as a commentator on a popular radio station in Brazil and is the host of the sports program “SBT Esporte Rio”.

See how the beautiful Fernanda looks like today.





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