14 Famous women who prove that having Asian heritage is pretty badass (14 pics)

Nowadays people have become a beautiful mix of different nations, and cultures, and we believe it is very wonderful. There are also some well-known celebrities in this group of people, and these celebrities are a true reflection of true beauty that will delight you.

We present to you 14 photos of celebrities who have Asian descent.

1. Vanessa Hudgens

 “The High School Musical” actress is also a singer. As for her origins, her father has both Irish and Native American blood, while her mother is a native of Manila in the Philippines, but she is of Chinese and Spanish descent.


2. Kimora Lee Simmons

The mother of this famous model was born in Korea, while her father is African American.


3. Élodie Yung

You probably know this beautiful actress by her role as Elektra Natchios from the second season of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Netflix series “Daredevil”. The father of this French actress is Cambodian and her mother is French.

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